Jan 2024

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We threw a tiny new years party to start the new year. Molly wasn’t there. I had left a 20 out on the table that wasn’t there when I looked for it in the morning. It was enough money to annoy me, but also I was confused. I knew no one who was in the house that night would take it. Maybe I would find it 6 months from now. Now I know that Morgan probably took it – January 1 was her move in day.

A few days later Molly came over – we watched Perfect Blue. She recommended the movie. I was so comfortable on the couch with her. The last good memory we have.

Another failed relationship that had all the traits of the last one.

At the end of the month I went to Salt Lake City to go snowboarding. I stayed in a disgusting motel and bought a snowboard.

The year started with loss – money and trust.

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