Mar 2024

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March started with me turning 28. I spent my birthday with my family in Chicago. It was a great way to spend my birthday – I love my family.

I flew back to LA a couple days later and when I landed I got connection, and instantly got texts revealing that my crazy roommate Morgan who hadn’t paid rent in February (and now hadn’t paid in March) had called the cops on Yves for no good reason. Chaos ensued – I got back to the crib and she was screaming at Yves (who wasn’t there) in her room with the door closed. We proceeded to kick her out over the next couple of days.

This was stressful – it shook me and got me in a really bad mood. I had been really excited about Prompt Party in Chicago – I lost all focus.

My website was hosted on which was a Rails site hosted on Apache with a reverse proxy. Web scrapers got stuck on the site and started slamming it. The site became unresponsive and I didn’t know what to do about it. I realized that I could repurpose something I had built in react onths prior in late November and early December I had started rewriting some version of / that I never hosted. Towards the end of the month I repurposed this to be hosted on this website, problem solved! Because I couldn’t access, there’s not much data here. I wasn’t really taking pictures anyways, maybe in response. Sad month.


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