I don’t like Rails

Uploaded on November 28, 2023

I tried to learn Rails earlier this year in order to rebuild knife-city.com as gasfried.com . It’s been pretty interesting learning Rails and there are parts of Rails that I really like. I think that a lot of the ideas behind Rails make logical sense. The idea that everything you do in Rails should follow the Rails way of doing things makes sense, and essentially delegating all decision-making to how someone else has decided to do things most times results in higher quality work. However, I don’t care as much about creating high quality work as I do about having fun making it. In all of my time working with Rails I haven’t had a single session where I dove in and was able to session for 12+ hours just writing code, chilling, smoking, having a good time. This is why I love JavaScript.

Rails is too exact! There’s a way that you’re supposed to do everything and it feels like any time you want to do something you’re supposed to open up the big book of “how to do things in Rails” and you do it and it just works. Fuck that! I want to customize my shit! I want to make my shit MINE, even if it isn’t as good as the pre-fab alternative. I love Javascript, and as a devotion of my love, I’m re-building knife-city.com as gasfried.com AGAIN, with Javascript! Again!