Visiting the Donaldson Futuro House in Idyllwild California

Uploaded on May 14, 2024

I visited Idyllwild CA and saw the Donaldson Futuro House.

This is what you see ass you arrive to it. It is on a random little road, and there is a path that goes up the mountain. As you wander around looking for it, you look up the path you’re walking on and there it is! The thing you had heard about, it’s up there!

This plaque states:

“The Donaldson Futuro is significant as an example of America’s collective confidence as a leader in space flight, technological advancement, and economic prosperity. Designed by Finnish Architect Matti Suuronen, this space-age home was the first futuro to arrive in California, in 1969, and the only Futuro in California to obtain a building permit for residentail occupancy. Its modern futuristic space-age design, materials, and workmanship retain a high level of integrity from its period of significance. The property is identified as the Donalds on Futuro in recognition of owners Wayne and Laurie Donaldson’s extensive restoration effort that successfully preserved this fragile resource and raised the profile of early mid-century plastic buildings.”

Here are some more pictures of it:

The properties that directly border the Donaldsons’ property inform people to stay away:

Regardless, it felt meaningful to go to a beautiful area in nature and visit a strange mid-century house made out of plastic, something of a symbol very counter to nature. The idea of space exploration / scientific discovery, and aesthetics of impossibly saturated colors with man-made materials seem to be at odds. However many people put their Futuro homes in remote areas, people would have these homes transported via helicopter.

Come, see, get told to fuck off, comply. California