These are things I’ve written – topics include programming, whining, jokes.

How I Upload Pictures To My Blog
As I've stated in other blog posts - I hate social media, digital services, etc. These are the steps that I take to upload images to my blog.
Giving Away Cartoons
Images of friends with cartoons in different environments
Recent Aesthetic Developments
Analysis of recent visual media I've been producing. Jun 7 2024
Blog posts and their role
Blogs are maybe the most obvious way to make a website - they are an understandable format to synthesize visual media and words together in bite-size formats and are accessed through the internet, through websites.
Every white guy looks like mr beast
Bruh I meet this guy like 3 times a week
Existence of State
What defines existence of state? How do individuals collectively create, or reject, statehood?
Digital communication networks sans social media
We don't have to use social media to communicate with one another
Visiting the Donaldson Futuro House in Idyllwild California
I visited Idyllwild CA and saw the Donaldson Futuro House.
Undownloading color from the phone
Our brains get rewarded from using the phone. The phone controls us. Break the reward system and take the control back.
This is a piece of writing that I did after starting to write about the clouds in the sky, and then finding a way to make it about me. This is me reining it back in and forcing myself to write about something other than myself.
Eating Shit on Haight
I will probably always be cleaning the shit that they've created, in one way or another, with my body, while looking at the shit with wonder. I don't know why.
Using web inspector and ChatGPT to download paid fonts
Tutorial on how to use web inspector and ChatGPT to download paid fonts
I don’t like Rails
An explanation of why I don't like Rails
I am off Instagram
In the wake of Israel bombing the shit out of Gaza, I have decided to get off Instagram fully.
what’s a mouse gotta do to get a piece of cheese
ChatGPT answering the age old question
Making HTTP requests to a Rails app behind Apache2
How to solve HTTP Origin header didn't match request.base_url issues when proxying a Rails instance from Apache2
ChatGPT Personalized Content
An explanation of how ChatGPT is keeping track of users inputs to the point that it can probably map out people's codebases eventually once they receive enough data.
Honey, I Dropped the Table
I dropped the most important table in my database - using an LLM to get the data back.
I’m rewriting Knife City in Rails
Explanation of why I'm rebuilding my project built in the popular React/NodeJS in old-fashioned Rails
It’s hard to give a fuck today
It's not easy to give a fuck today. If you put your head down and work hard, with pure, holy intention, you might get rewarded for it. But what's the point if when you bring your head back up again and look around, you're just an asshole with a trophy in hell?
Knife City
An explanation and history of my website -
On Building – Marshfield Courts Planter
Beautifying a neighborhood with native plants outside of a DIY skatepark.
My process + How to make a good Open Graph Image + making this blog
Stream of consciousness talking through the process of making stuff in a day. It's not straightforward because worms have dug deep into my prefrontal cortex.